Doris Farhat

Doris Farhat carries on the storied tradition of Arab singers. She emigrated from Lebanon in 1996, and brought with her a talent she was born with—a voice that earned her a following throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa, India, and Australia—all before she landed in the United States.

Doris’s touring career began at 16 while still lived in Lebanon. She did monthly performances that took her far and wide throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, for which she needed her father’s written permission. Her skills include the ability to sing in myriad Arabic languages, as well as in Greek, French, Turkish and English. She has been a main stage performer in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, as well as France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, England, Spain, and Singapore, to name a few.

“My singing career was well established by my early 20’s.I enjoyed a big following even before social media. But, as a result of the war, my family decided to leave the country, and I had to follow.”

The Farhat family first landed in Texas. Although there is a big music community in Austin, Doris had to find her niche among the Arab music community. “I started singing in churches, and people found me through word of mouth. Many Lebanese Americans watch Lebanese TV, and know my music.”

By the time Doris moved up to Chicago in 2002, her career was already on a good trajectory, with gigs at weddings, social events. She became known throughout the U.S., and performed at many Lebanese festivals. Plus, Doris toured with some of the biggest names in Arab music. Just a few of the mega stars she has opened for include: Wadih Safi; Warda; Karem Mahmud; Azar Habib; George Wassouf; Kadem El Saher, Ragheb Alameh, Greek legend Makis  Christodolopoulos, and many more.

A regular on stages in Las Vegas, Doris Farhat has a voice and a style that makes her a hit with audiences who believe that her strong voice moves the crowd. Her music is a universal expression of the melodies, the instruments and the lively traditions of her culture. Doris says “I carried Lebanon in my heart throughout my career, and even today I am introduced as a Lebanese singing star.”


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