In Baptism we are reborn as children of the Father. We are made into the image of Jesus, and we become His living ­Body in the world today. We become sisters and brothers to one another with God as our Father. And, we become heirs to heaven and eternal life with the Most Blessed Holy Trinity. 



Just as the power of the Holy Spirit overshadowed the Blessed Ever Virgin Mary, when the Holy Spirit intimately united the Son of God with the body offered by Mary, so through the overshadowing power of the Holy Spirit in Baptism we are united to Jesus. Baptism makes us become “other Christ” whereby we become God's Holy People, His Royal Priesthood, His Church, the Mystical Body of Christ and temples of his Holy Spirit. We share in the priesthood of Jesus Christ and we commit ourselves to make his mission our own mission.The Sacrament of Baptism requires that we surrender ourselves over to a new life in the footsteps of Jesus, which includes walking with Him as He carried the Cross. To become baptized takes much, much longer than the few seconds that the water is washed over us. Rather, to become baptized takes a lifetime. It takes a lifetime of hard work. It takes a lifetime of effort. It takes a lifetime of an awful lot of perseverance, commitment and starting over when we fail. It is not easy! Baptism does not require, rather it demands “dying to self” to “live for Christ”. Thus, Baptism requires a firm commitment from the older child or youth or adult whenever they seek to be baptized. It requires that same firm commitment from parents when they seek to have their child baptized. The parents solemnly promise God to do all in their power to raise their child as a Maronite Catholic Christian beginning with their daily example and encouragement in the ways of tile Faith. It also includes doing all that is possible to have this child educated in that same Faith by faithful attendance at religious education classes and by faithful participation in the Sunday Eucharist.As parents and godparents of a child to be baptized, you are making the first step for this child to become incorporated into the Church. On behalf of Our Lady of Lebanon we value your effort and welcome your newly baptized child into our Parish Community.


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